MAI CHAU – Peaceful Beauty

Mai Chau is considered as a paradise on earth with peace, delicious food and beautiful sceneries. Mai Chau is a mountainous area, close to Laos but only 100km from Hanoi and it just takes you a short sleep on the shuttle bus to reach this great land.


Beautiful terrace paddy fields

Mai Chau is very famous for its charming terrace paddy fields. You can go trekking through these fields, breathe fresh air or have great shots of photos. If you are cyclers, you can cycle along small concreted roads which lead you to villages of Thai People, green gardens with tropical fruits and vegetables. Cycling also gives you chance going through paddy fields and have great view of mountain. Thailand tours best

Discover Culture

It may come as a surprise to you that the Thai – ethnic minority people living in Mai Chau are the same with Thai people in Thailand. Their languages are 70% in common so they can understand each other quite well. Thai people in Mai Chau are very friendly, hospitable and kind. They usually say “hello” to you and if you want to visit their stilt house or take picture, you are always welcomed.
Besides, you can visit markets in here such as Pa Co Market where the ethnic minority people come for trading and finding love. They come with colorful clothes and special goods. They sell and buy some types of insects that may surprise you: eel, silk worm, frog or even snack. Brocatelle is a popular product here with good quality and price. Don’t forget to find a brocatelle for yourself because you will find it nowhere with such a cheap price. However, remember to bargain, you will receive a discount!

Mo Luong Cave

If you are adventurous traveller, don’t miss the chance to visit Mo Luong cave. The meaning of Mo Luong is great spring. This cave is divided into 3 large caves with beautiful stalagmite and stalactite which used to be shelter of Vietnamese Soldiers. Remember to bring with a flashlight so that you can enjoy the beauty and easy to find the way.

Delicious local food

There are many special cuisines that you must try in here. “Bamboo cooked sticky rice” or known as “com lam” in Vietnamese is very popular here. After cooked, the food seems to be one kind of sticky cake and you will enjoy it with salt and sesame. Besides, you can taste 5 colors sticky rice which is really colorful and beautiful, made from natural materials. There are also many types of soup cooked with vegetable collected from jungle which is considered as organic food.

Time to visit

Mai Chau is not too cold in winter and not too hot in summer so you can visit here anytime. However, if you want to see the rice field, you should find a time for yourself. Normally, paddy field is green from March to June or August to October. When the rice ripens, the field will become yellow; this time may fall in June and October. However, if you come from December to February, there are a lot of flowers blooming such as peach blossom and this time is festival time of ethnic minority people here.
What you should consider is raining season from July to September when you have to cancel your trip for some hours. Du lich chau au


If you want to find a well-equipped accommodation, Mai Chau Ecolodge is one of the best choices. However, if you want a friendly and affordable price, you can find a place in Lac Village where you will overnight on stilt house with other guests.

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