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How to master your photography skills with a inexpensive camera? Read the post bellow to understand the point.

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Wien first starting out, it is tempting to purchase a huge range of equipment. However, it is possible to take an excellent range of pictures with just two lenses.

This helps to minimize the investment you need to make at the start and ensures you can travel relatively light to any venue where you wish to or need to take photos.


It is always a good idea to join an online forum or even a local group. You will be able to receive honest but friendly criticism and praise for the pictures you have taken. They would also be able to provide you with some constructive feedback, including tips for improving your pictures or good places to practice. Choose your best camera for food photography is no longer difficult by reading my post.

Dusk and Dawn

This is the most magnificent time of the day and when you will get the best possible light. Colors tend to stand out more and the lighting is softer.


There is more than one way to take a photo, not just face on at the same level. You can lie on the floor and point the camera upwards or above and point downwards.
Even the subjects you are photographing can take non-traditional positions. These can really help to create a beautiful photo which inspires and evokes a response from others.


It is easy to get excited about the prospect of a picture and start clicking as the subject or subjects play beautifully for the camera. However, it is essential to check and constantly be aware of what is happening in the background.

A fantastic shot can be ruined by someone walking through the frame, or a piece of graffiti on the wall behind. Of course there are times when you want these natural images in your photos; but this more likely to be when you are taking pictures of them specifically.

If the background does not suit the picture get your subject to move, or even move around them yourself and change your angle and perspective.


You may well have already heard of this  concept as it is one of the best ways of ensuring your photos are balanced.

To apply this technique you should visualize the picture on your screen with two lines down it, effectively splitting the screen into three. Get the best bulk 35mm film to practice more with your camera.

You should then repeat the process with two lines across the scene, again, splitting it into thirds horizontally. Your picture will then have nine squares across it.

The best place to put any feature of interest or focal point is at the point where these lines cross. This will ensure it draws the eye to the right spot.


Getting the right amount of exposure can be tricky and you may only get one shot at a photo. It can be surprisingly difficult to get even light distribution across several different people in one picture.

It is usually best when photographing a crowd and the sun is straight in front of them to under expose the picture.
Equally, if the sun is behind them it should be over exposed just a little. Both techniques wall ensure the skin tone colors look real in the finished picture.


Your picture should be good by itself. There will always be some bad photos but they will become less and should be seen as something from which you can learn how to take better pictures

You should not need to spend large amounts of time editing and producing the pictures, they will end up appearing false and edited.

In fact if your pictures take more than ten minutes to edit you are probably better trying to retake them with a more natural feel.


Once you have started to get the hang of taking pictures you may find that you start to stick to the same type of picture; because you know you can take a good photo. However, if you take this approach you may miss out on a different shot which could be far superior to yours.

It may help you to decide your own story line for any given scene; it will certainly provide you with photos which are varied and suit the occasion and, probably, bring a whole new dimension to your photography.

Hold it Properly

The best way to hold your Nikon DSLR camera is to have your left hand under the camera, supporting the lens. Your right hand is then free to hold the body of your camera; keeping it close enough to the buttons you are likely to need.

This rvill help prevent any blurring in your pictures due to camera shake. You can make sure your elbows are ticked in for added stability and less risk of camera shake.


Too many colors will usually be overwhelming, unless it is of a specific occasion, such as a carnival or similar. It is better to choose just one or two main colors in your scene. Thus will make it more pleasing to look at and can be sued to set the scene of the photo.


Taking photos is about more than simply knowing the right buttons to push in your Nikon DSLR camera. To get a really good picture you need to be able to get your subject to relax.

The best way of achieving this is to talk to them! Find out about their interests and hobbies; help them to relax and you will get a much better quality image.

It can even lead to you changing the venue to something that will be more relaxing or natural to your subject. Always be open to the possibilities!


Very few people get it right on the first attempt, and this that do rarely get it right on the second! Taking beautiful pictures takes patience and practice. You may need to sit for seconds or hours to get the right shot combined with the best lighting. But, when you do get it and you know it is because you have learned the necessary skills, it is a wonderful feeling!

Thank you for reading.

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